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News: How comfortable is the Mercedes-Benz C Class

News / How comfortable is the Mercedes-Benz C Class

The interior of the C-Class Coupe matches the allure of its striking exterior design. Across all versions, you'll find premium materials that exude quality, complemented by metallic and piano black or wood accents. The sleek and minimalist layout adds to the sophistication, with standard sports seats offering comfort and support for drivers of all sizes. Upholstered in durable artificial leather, these seats cater to various body shapes.

How comfortable is the Mercedes-Benz C Class


Most functions are controlled via the infotainment system, although we do have some reservations about the standard-issue screen. Positioned high on the dashboard for easy visibility, it lacks discretion. The touch pad controller, while versatile in theory, proves cumbersome in practice, especially when on the move. However, an alternative rotary controller offers a more user-friendly experience.

Despite the small rear window, visibility remains adequate, bolstered by the inclusion of a standard reversing camera. Accessing the rear seats is straightforward, with ample headroom and better-than-average knee room for adult passengers. The rear seats also offer flexibility, with a split/fold function and a ski hatch for longer items.

While the boot is well-shaped, it falls slightly short compared to competitors like the Audi A5 or BMW 4 Series. Nonetheless, it should suffice for most needs, though larger items may pose a challenge. Interior storage is plentiful, with deep pockets, sculpted door bins, and a generous glove box ensuring a clutter-free environment.

How comfortable is the Mercedes-Benz C Class


In terms of handling, the C-Class Coupe benefits from lowered suspension compared to its sedan counterpart. Our experience with optional air suspension has been excellent, offering superb body control for spirited driving while maintaining a comfortable ride. The standard suspension, though not yet tested, may be firmer based on previous models.

We've also tested the high-performance C63 version, equipped with an adaptive suspension setup. With a range of driving modes and traction control settings, the C63 delivers versatility, whether as a refined cruiser, nimble sports car, or adrenaline-pumping powerhouse.


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