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Chevrolet Cruze Repair Manual: Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement

Chevrolet Cruze Repair Manual / Suspension / Front Suspension / Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Replacement

Preliminary Procedure

Preliminary Procedure

  1. Raise and support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting  and Jacking the Vehicle.
  2. Remove the tire and wheel. Refer to Tire and Wheel Removal and Installation.
  3. Remove the lower control arm. Refer to Lower Control Arm Replacement.

Lower Control Arm Rear Bushing Bolt

Lower Control Arm Rear Bushing

Caution: Refer to Fastener Caution in the Preface section.


  1. Discard Bushing Bolt and use NEW ONLY.
  2. Tighten Bushing Bolt with vehicle standing on the ground.

Tighten 55 Nm (41 lb ft) +45-60 degrees

Special Tools

EN-45059 Torque Angle Sensor Kit . Refer to Special Tools.

Installation Procedure
Position the lower control arm (1) in the cradle. Install and hand tighten the NEW rear lower control arm bushing nuts and bolts (1). Install and hand tighten the NEW fro ...

Wheel Stud Replacement
Special Tools CH-43631 Ball Joint Remover For equivalent regional tools, refer to Special Tools. Removal Procedure Raise and suitably support the vehicle. Refer to Lifting  and Jacking ...

Other materials:

Low-Profile Tires
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Starter Switch Check
WARNING When you are doing this inspection, the vehicle could move suddenly. If the vehicle moves, you or others could be injured. 1. Before starting this check, be sure there is enough room around the vehicle. 2. Firmly apply both the parking brake and the regular brake. Do not use the accele ...

Fuel Additives
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