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Chevrolet Cruze Repair Manual: Deployment Outside Vehicle for Seat Belt Pretensioners

Chevrolet Cruze Repair Manual / Restraints / Pretensioner Handling and Scrapping / Deployment Outside Vehicle for Seat Belt Pretensioners

Deploy the seat belt pretensioners outside of the vehicle when the vehicle will be returned to service. Situations that require deployment outside of the vehicle include the following:

Deployment and disposal of a malfunctioning seat belt pretensioner is subject to any required retention period.

Warning: In order to prevent accidental deployment of the pretensioner which could cause personal injury, do not dispose of an undeployed pretensioner as normal shop waste. The undeployed pretensioner contains substances that could cause severe illness or personal injury if the sealed container is damaged during disposal. Use the following deployment procedures to safely dispose of an undeployed pretensioner. Failure to dispose of a pretensioner as instructed may be a violation of federal, state, or local laws.

Warning: When you are deploying a pretensioner for disposal, perform the deployment procedures in the order listed. Failure to follow the procedures in the order listed may result in personal injury.

  1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
  2. Remove the seat belt  pretensioner from the vehicle.
  3. When carrying a pretensioner to the deployment area keep the open end of pretensioner pointed away from the body.

  1. Clear a space on the ground about 1.85 M (6 ft) in diameter for deployment of the pretensioner. If possible, use a paved, outdoor location free of activity. Otherwise, use a space free of activity on the shop floor. Make sure you have sufficient ventilation.
  2. Make sure no loose or flammable objects are in the area.
  3. Place the EL-39401-B fixture in the center of the cleared area.
  4. Fill the fixture plastic reservoir with water or sand.

  1. Mount the module (1) in the SIR deployment fixture (3) with the open end facing up using the following mounting method.

  1. Inspect the EL-38826 harness and the appropriate pigtail adapter for damage. Replace as needed.
  2. Short the 2 SIR deployment harness (1) leads together using one banana plug seated into the other.
  3. Connect the appropriate pigtail adapter (2) to the SIR deployment harness (1).

  1. Extend the SIR deployment harness and adapter to full length from  the deployment fixture.

  1. Connect the pretensioner (1) to the adapter (2) on the deployment harness (3).

Note: The rapid gas expansion involved with deploying a pretensioner is very loud. Notify all the people in the immediate area that you intend to deploy the seat belt pretensioner.

  1. Clear the area of people.

Warning: When you are deploying a pretensioner for disposal, perform

Warning: When you are deploying a pretensioner for disposal, perform the deployment procedures in the order listed. Failure to follow the procedures in the order listed may result in personal injury.

  1. Separate the 2 banana plugs on the SIR deployment harness.

Note: When the seat belt pretensioner deploys, the deployment

Note: When the seat belt pretensioner deploys, the deployment fixture may jump about 30 cm (1 ft) vertically. This is a normal reaction of the seat belt pretensioner due to the force of the rapid expansion of gas inside the pretensioner.

  1. Place a 12V minimum/2A minimum power source (i.e., vehicle battery) near the shorted end of the harness.
  2. Connect the SIR deployment harness wires to the power source. Pretensioner deployment will occur when contact is made.
  3. Disconnect the SIR deployment harness from the power source after the pretensioner deploys.

  1. Seat one banana plug into the other in order to short the deployment harness leads.
  2. If the pretensioner did not deploy, disconnect the adapter and discontinue the procedure. Contact the Technical Assistance Group.

    Otherwise, proceed to the following steps.

  3. Put on a pair of shop gloves.
  4. Disconnect the pigtail adapter from the pretensioner as soon as possible.
  5. Inspect the pigtail adapter and the SIR deployment harness. Replace as needed.
  6. Dispose of the deployed pretensioner through normal refuse channels.
  7. Wash hands with a mild soap.
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